Matchup Data Aggregation Application

... version 6.2.13 here for update details

About LPP

It automatically retrieves and aggregates your match data, displaying it in an easily understandable format. By utilizing OBS Studio (streaming software), you can enhance communication with your viewers by providing visually engaging displays during your streams.

Aggregate data.

You can display statistics such as 'Win Rates by Battle Type,' 'Win Rates by Character,' 'Win Rates by League,' 'Win Rates for a Specified Period,' 'LP,' and 'Master Rating.'
By aggregating data, players can use it to assess and enhance their own strategies and growth. This enables the refinement of more effective tactics and the pursuit of improved performance.


Display on the streaming screen.

You can display aggregated data as an overlay on the streaming screen.
Overlays can be customized with various layout orientations, font types, and colors.
With real-time access to win-loss results, it becomes easier to engage with viewers, fostering communication between players and their audience, ultimately enhancing the streaming experience and making it more enjoyable.


Monitor Function.

The 'Monitor Function' allows you to access information such as 'Recent Win Rate,' 'Match History,' 'Opponents,' and 'LP/Master Rating Changes.'
Players can review their gameplay in real-time, gaining access to a powerful tool that facilitates self-improvement and growth.


System Requirements

Windows 10 64-bit / Windows 11 64-bit
Recommended Streaming Software
OBS Studio (version 29.1.3 or later)
Required Browser
Latest version of Google Chrome
Stable internet connection

How to use

About acquiring match data

The data will be fetch from the target site, so the game itself can be used on any platform.
When starting up for the first time, you will be asked to log in to the target website using your own ID. After that, every time you start LPP6, 100 pieces of data for each battle type will be acquired from the target website. However, please note that the number of acquired data may be less than 100 due to maintenance of the target website. Also, data is acquired every 90 seconds during startup.



Displays startup status and provides explanations for each menu.



Enables actions such as resetting recent data and pausing the application. Additionally, it displays the application's logs.


... ...

Displays various real-time information such as win rates and match history, updated every 90 seconds.
This information can be accessed from smartphones or other devices connected to the same network.※
With the ability to instantly review performance and match history, you can quickly strategize and aim for more effective gameplay.

A Recent win rate in ranked matches (can be reset at any desired timing).
B Ranked match 100 win rate.
C Overall win rate of your chosen character against opponent characters (across all battle types).
D Overall win rate of the selected character (across all battle types).
E MR chart,MR ranking Order.
E LP chart,Win rates against opponents in ranked matches by their respective leagues.
F Opponent information. Number of matches for each battle type against opponents, win rates for the used characters, etc.
G Match history by battle type (displays the last played battle type).
H Average battle style of the last 100 battles (The throwout rate, drive impact return rate, and drive impact returned rate are approximate values calculated).

*Please note that depending on network settings, there may be cases where viewing is not possible. Please be aware of this.

Battle Log


This feature displays a list of collected data.
Information such as match date and time, outcome, LP, MR, and action type are shown. You can also specify certain characters or ranks for display. In the case of consecutive matches, it's possible to calculate and display the total win-loss count.
By organizing the gathered data and presenting it in a user-friendly manner, you can quickly grasp detailed information, aiding in the review and analysis of your performance.

Battle Log - Log,Consecutive match totals,by Opponent


Displays match date and time, win/loss, LP, MR, operation type, and replay ID. You can use the search function to view your entire history with a specific opponent.

Battle Log - Time Slot


Displays the number of matches and winning percentage by day of the week and time. You can find out information such as which time of the week is most likely to win.

Battle Log - by Character


Displays the win rate for each opponent character.
You can use the filter feature to view your opponent's winning percentage by league. This can also be displayed in units of MR100. You can also display the monthly trend of a character's winning rate.

Battle Log - by League


Displays the opponent's winning percentage by league and in MR100 point increments.
By using the filter function, you can display the winning rate of a specific character in a specific league. You can also display changes in the winning percentage by league depending on the monthly period.

Point Chart

... ...

You can check the fluctuation graph and increase/decrease value of each character's LP and master rate.
It is also possible to specify a period, display by day, and switch between displaying the number of matches.
You can intuitively understand the progress of each character's points, and it is easier to compare changes over time and number of matches.

Fighters List


Displays a list of friends, followers, and members of your club.
You can easily see the login status of your friends and their current points in a list.



You have the freedom to customize the design of overlays displayed during streams.
You can adjust font styles, colors, and shadow colors for each element to create a design that suits your preferences. Four display formats are available. For more detailed information, refer to the [Overlay for streaming].
This feature allows you to visually present clear information to your viewers. By creating original overlays tailored to your style and channel, you can enhance the enjoyment of your streams.


Launches the browser.
While the application is running, in certain PC environments, the Chrome browser might not launch. In such cases, please use this option to start the browser. This browser will automatically close when you exit the application.



Configure various settings.

About overlays

By linking with the app, you can display wins/losses, LP/MR charts, etc. as an overlay on the stream. You can choose from four overlays: vertical, horizontal, space-saving, and horizontal (for ranked matches).
You can also change each overlay to your favorite color and font in the app settings.


This overlay is suitable for vertical placement. Each panel A to E will change at the specified time.
If the most recent match is a ranked match, panels A, B, C, and D are displayed. Panels C and D are displayed if the most recent match is a non-ranked match.
Panel E will be displayed if the character used is Master rank.



This overlay is suitable for horizontal placement. Each panel A to E will change at the specified time.
If the most recent match is a ranked match, panels A, B, C, and D are displayed. Panels C and D are displayed if the most recent match is a non-ranked match.
Panel E will be displayed if the character used is Master rank.



This is an overlay that can be placed to save space. The contents of each item in lpp.htm are displayed in order. The custom design of lpp_mini is shared with lpp.htm.



This is an overlay that can be placed to save space. Displays ranked match recent data only. The custom design of lpp_mini_2 is shared with lpp.htm.



A horizontal overlay suitable for ranked matches. There is no display switching and it is always displayed.


Description of each item

A Recent data for ranked matches (items can be reset at any desired timing).
A1 Used character, LP, LP change, LP graph(MR,MR change,MR graph)
A2 Number of recent matches, win/loss count, win rate for ranked matches
A3 Win rate over the last 100 ranked matches
B Win rates by opponent league for ranked matches
C Match history (automatically switches battle types), display for 1-10 players (modifiable in the design screen)
C1 Win/loss history for ranked matches
D Various win rates
D1 Recent win/loss history against the same battle type opponents
D2 Used character vs opponent character win/loss history (combined across all battle types)
D3 Win/loss history for all matches using the used character (combined across all battle types)
E Displays the MR rank. Three types of rankings are displayed: the domestic rank using the character settings, the world rank of the character used, and the world rank including all characters.

Design changes

You can change the color and font size using the in-app Design function. You can change the font, font color, font size, font outline color, background color, unit names such as LP and MR, title names such as RankMatche, etc. The opacity can also be set for each color, allowing for flexible display.


Example of design change

This is an example of the design changed in the app. After saving the design changes in the app, please reload the OBS browser source or restart OBS.

... ... ...


Extract all the ZIP files.


Extract the ZIP file (right click on the ZIP file → "Extract All" → "Extract") and move the folder to a location of your choice.


Copy the key.file to a folder


Contact us with your in-game user code and we will send you a dedicated key.file by email. Move or copy the key.file attached to the email to your extracted folder.


Launch lpp6.exe and log in to site


1.Launch the "lpp6.exe" file.
2.A browser window will open, please log in with an account linked to the game. Data retrieval will commence automatically upon successful login.
3.If you encounter login issues, try adding the "lpp" folder to the exclusion settings of Windows Defender, and then attempt again.(https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/811816c0-4dfd-af4a-47e4-c301afe13b26)

OBS settings


Adding Browser Source to OBS.


In the OBS source dock, click the "+" button → "Browser" → set the name, then click the "OK" button. *If the OBS source dock is not displayed, please check "View" -> "Dock" -> "Source" in the top menu.


Setting up the browser source


Check "Local Files" → "Browse" → specify html in the "overlay" folder → press "OK". *Please select the HTML file corresponding to each design.


How to Uninstall the App?
Simply delete the folder. No registry entries are used.
App Doesn't Launch 1
If there are any remaining instances of the automated Chrome browser, close them all and then restart. Alternatively, restart your PC and then launch LPP. If the issue persists, please contact us through the provided support channel.
App Doesn't Launch 2
Please update your Google Chrome to the latest version during normal usage. https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95414
App Doesn't Launch 3
If you're using antivirus software, try stopping it or excluding the 'lpp' folder. For Windows Defender exclusion settings, you can refer to this link: https://support.microsoft.com/ja-jp/windows/811816c0-4dfd-af4a-47e4-c301afe13b26
App Closes After Acquiring Data
Please delete setting.ini in the config folder and restart LPP6
Automatic updates not running
Please try "App Doesn't Launch 3" above.
Or please delete setting.ini in the config folder and start LPP again.
Data Not Displaying
The locations of 'lpp6.exe' and the 'overlay' folder might have been changed. Please use the folder structure as it was after extracting from the ZIP file.
Data Not Updating
If you're using antivirus software, try stopping it or excluding the 'lpp' folder.
Want to change the font size of the app
You can zoom in and out using keyboard shortcuts.
Zoom in on all elements: Press Ctrl + +key.
Shrink all elements: Press Ctrl + -key.
You can also change it by holding down the Ctrl key and moving the mouse wheel up and down.
*Based on Google Chrome operations.
Need More Detailed Custom Design?
Custom design services are available for a fee. Please inquire through the provided email form.

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